ORDÓÑEZ & BRINKMANN S.A. is a company dedicated to the construction of real estate using innovative technologies, and the import and sale of water treatment technologies and composting that contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint of our society. Conducting business efficiently, the company is oriented to always seek customer satisfaction through a strategy of high quality, competitive price and in less time than with conventional methods.


To be a promoter company of industrial innovation in Ecuador, through the application of advanced technologies in the various branches of the environmental industry and construction, with an approach that contributes to the proper management and best practice in the environment, and to ensure an adequate working environment for its employees.


To be the leader in the implementation of environmental technologies and construction, To serve as a social reference at a national and regional level for the implementation of good environmental practices with its employees and the society in general.

Miguel Carrión N71-36 y Diego Vaca 
+593 2 2499 154
Quito - Ecuador

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